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Announcement 20160106: Evil masters and liars will expose themselves

Wangzha Shangzun said: “You must read this public announcement. From now on, anyone who wants to learn an important Dharma must first read, understand and be well versed in this public announcement, because any Buddhist cultivator who is going to learn and receive the initiation of a high level Dharma will be asked about it. If you are asked about the content of this public announcement and you don’t know anything about it, you will not be allowed into the hall to learn the Dharma.

HQ Announcement No. 20150101

We at the Headquarters have decided, after discussion, to make Buddhist dharma attires bearing the holiness levels for the holy gurus to wear. This action is to protect the Buddhist cultivators’ benefit, to prevent ordinary liars and evil masters from cheating, to prevent Buddhists from being harmed by regressed masters and fake holy gurus, and to prevent many liars from forging holiness level certificates and pretending to be holy. That is, we will put the star-wheel dharma attires that indicate the holiness levels on the monastic cassocks and rinpoche’s robes.