HQ Announcement No. 20150101

Announcement 20150101

You can say the Buddhist field in this day and age is completely chaotic. Ordinary people pretend to be holy; cheaters pretend to be high monks. It is common to see people fabricating the holiness certificates. Some people author books to give teachings and hold dharma assemblies. Even the so-called great senior virtuous ones with world-shattering fame also give evil talks about Buddha Dharma. The fact is, most of them talk erroneously and carelessly. Even a 100-year-old high monk does not know sutra teachings and gives harmful arguments. Some masters who are One-star Sumita Wheel pretend to be Two-star Sumita Wheel; those who are Two-star Sumita Wheel pretend to be Three-star Sumita Wheel. These impostors are cheaters in essence. How do these ordinary people dare to call themselves Three-star Sumita Wheel holy gurus! They do not know how high the sky is or how deep the earth is. How could it be easy to attain Three-star Sumita Wheel! Even the well-known Dharma Master Shi Longhui, Chairperson of the International Buddhist Sangha Association, who has holy realization capabilities and powers, is still just a Two-star Sumita Wheel now.

This Buddhism Headquarters has implemented the Holiness Levels Test and the term reexamination of holy gurus to protect Buddhist disciples from harm. Still, individual masters who hold a holiness level certificate appear in society as usual. They do not practice cultivation according to true Buddha Dharma and fall into the 128 evil and erroneous views and understanding seriously. They have regressed and lost their Dharma powers and have become ordinary people. Having the status as a master, they primarily deceive their so-called disciples by transmitting fake dharmas. Their characteristic is that they do not wear the holiness certificate when they rise to their rostrum. The primary reason is they no longer have the behaviors that they once had when they took the examination. They have regressed to the state of an ordinary person. Being afraid of losing face or being found out they are really an impostor who has lost their powers, as well as fearing that people would discover their star-wheel level is not high, or they have forged the certificate, they flash the document before quickly hiding it instead of displaying it, so that people do not see them through.

Observe it carefully. Any master who has a holiness level certificate but does not display it when he or she rises to talk or transmit dharma must be full of selfish greed. Such a person must be an ordinary person or an evil master and a liar. If a Buddhist disciple continues to follow such a master who does not display their certificate, that disciple will certainly have deep and heavy sinful karma, and Buddha and Bodhisattvas will not receive the disciple without any exception. The reason is simple. Every Buddhist disciple knows a master who does not display the holiness level certificate when rising to the rostrum is a master who has violated the precepts. If a disciple knows well such a master has broken the Buddhist rules due to selfish greed and ordinary feelings but continues to support the master in harming living beings as usual, then the disciple is an accomplice. How would the disciple qualify to learn true Buddha Dharma?

If a master does not display the holiness level certificate when rising to the rostrum to transmit dharma or to hold refuge ritual for disciples, this master must more or less have a severe deceitful problem. He or she has lost the holiness qualification and regressed to the position of an ordinary man, no matter what title or status he or she has. This master could also be an impostor who fakes to be holy but is nothing but an average man. He or she could also be at the minimum level of Sumita Wheel but is afraid to be looked down on by disciples due to self-attachment, and as such, would instead not display the certificate so that they can pretend to be an exceedingly holy guru. These three kinds of people are all masters who tamper themselves with greed, emotions, and evil views. Buddhist disciples, please tell the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters of such masters. If we verify it is true, this Headquarters will publish them to the world!

All holy gurus are compassionate; they all love and protect living beings. They are absolutely honest and aboveboard and will proactively display the holiness level certificate in the hope that living beings would examine them. They have one goal. Out of compassion, they do not want living beings to feel uncomfortable. Even for a master who truly is a holy guru not to display the certificate when rising to the rostrum would be a disdainful action to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. You must not rely on such masters; you must immediately leave and find another good master. Otherwise, you would lose your karmic affinity to true Buddha Dharma for life and end up in misery.

We at the Headquarters have decided, after discussion, to make Buddhist dharma attires bearing the holiness levels for the holy gurus to wear. This action is to protect the Buddhist cultivators’ benefit, to prevent ordinary liars and evil masters from cheating, to prevent Buddhists from being harmed by regressed masters and fake holy gurus, and to prevent many liars from forging holiness level certificates and pretending to be holy. That is, we will put the star-wheel dharma attires that indicate the holiness levels on the monastic cassocks and rinpoche’s robes. That dharma wear is simple, grand, solemn, and decent, and shows one’s status and level clearly. Each button represents one level. The number of levels proves the relative level of accomplishment in the conversance of teachings and realization capability.

The holy gurus shall wear dharma attire in daily life. If a holy guru does not wear the Buddhist attire indicating the level in everyday life, he or she is just like a monastic person who does not wear Bhikkhu or Bhikkhuni’s clothes. It would be impure conduct that violates the precepts. The goal of the person is to be deceitful and to confuse Buddhist cultivators. They cheat people under the excuse of convenience. Such people will be deemed evil masters, liars, and demons who have violated the precepts. Those cultivators under them can no longer rely on them; otherwise, they would undoubtedly be helping the evil. Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III will not receive them, let alone give them an initiation to transmit dharma to them, for they are helping bad people doing evil deeds, and cheating others.

To help people see it, the robe a holy and virtuous person wears shall bear buttons at the opening of the sleeves, the chest and the collar. Different types of buttons will indicate different levels of holiness.

Why do we establish such rigorous rules? It is to protect Buddhist cultivators and kind people. In this Dharma-ending era today, there are evil masters and liars everywhere. They cheat people and steal fame by way of all kinds of tricks. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III summoned the Chair and the Secretary-General of our Headquarters after hearing that we are establishing the dharma attires to indicate holiness levels. His Holiness the Buddha praised the action and said: “Your Headquarters setting up the Dharma attires for the people is necessary. It is an action to rid the liars and protect righteousness. Evil masters and liars are abundant today, and it is time you do such a thing. Some of my disciples who are quite familiar with me are also evil masters. I tried my best to teach them, though they do not change their bad behaviors behind my back. They use my name to give evil teachings to deceive their disciples as usual in my back. To prevent people from falling into deceit, and to truly let cultivators find good masters whom they can rely on, I think your plan at the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters is good. It is an action to benefit living beings, to protect righteousness, to remove evil, and to annihilate cheating. This action protects and considers the Buddhist cultivators; it grows good kindness in the world. Implementing the dharma attires for the holy gurus can benefit all living beings.”

Therefore, this Headquarters will complete this arrangement of Buddhist Dharma Attire that bears the holiness levels as soon as possible. With the Dharma attire and the holiness level certificates that are already in place, Buddhist cultivators can examine the holy gurus. Also, in terms of the holiness level certificates, no matter if it is the type of the Seven Masters and Ten Witness or the Three Masters and Seven Witnesses, they need to be annually reexamined and stamped. If you report that a holy guru has seriously fallen into the 128 evil and erroneous views and understanding, does not practice according to true Buddha Dharma, or does not cultivate themselves to benefit people, we will verify if it is true. If it is, then that person cannot pass the annual exam. Anyone who used to be a holy guru, but fails to get the yearly exam stamp, has regressed to the state of an ordinary person or has become a liar. Their sinful karma is intense and heavy. If you continue to follow him or her to do bad deeds, if you keep helping the evil to cheat people, not only will you not learn true Buddha Dharma and gain wisdom or fortune, but you will also have unlimited evil retribution! You will never see the day to enjoy happiness and bliss!

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

February 12, 2015

(English translation by Zunba)

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